Atlantic Corridor

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The Atlantic Corridor provides dedicated capacity for international freight trains on the form of Pre-arranged Paths (PaP) and Reserve Capacity.


PaP are defined in accordance with specific parameters (such as load, length or locomotive type), organized and presented in logical geographical sections.

The PaP offered for the annual timetable is published at X-11 and thus, no later than three months before the deadline for submission of the application for capacity, that means X-8 referred to in Annex III to Directive 2001/14/EC.


The Reserve capacity for the annual timetable is published at X-2 and can be requested at least 30 days before the date of train run.


The C-OSS accepts capacity requests via PCS from railway undertakings and authorized applicant, according to the Directive 2012/34/EU.


Control and Performance 
Every step of the way


It is through the PCS tool that railway undertakings and authorized applicants may apply for PaP and receive answers from the C-OSS on the status of their requests.

The process for capacity requests and allocation for PaP and Reserve Capacity have the following general schedule: