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19th Atlantic Corridor Meeting - CNC Forum

The 19th meeting of the Core Network Corridor (CNC) Atlantic Corridor, the CNC Forum, took place on November 14, 2023, in Brussels, with more than 50 interested parties participating in the meeting.

19th Atlantic Corridor Meeting - CNC Forum

The meeting included presentations from Julie Buy (Advisor to the European Coordinator, DG MOVE B.1) on the review of the TEN-T Regulation and the next steps and priorities for TEN-T, as well as an update on the state of play of the CEF ( DG MOVE B.2), followed by an update on CEF II expenditure in the Atlantic Corridor by Stefano Campagnolo (CINEA). Julie Buy also offered more detailed information about the joint event of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and North Sea TEN-T Corridors, on ports and railways, which took place between the 21st and 23rd of November, at the Port of Algeciras.


The Atlantic Corridor Studies consultant presented the progress of the Atlantic TEN-T Corridor from 2014 to 2022 in complying with the requirements of the current Regulation for TEN-T, for the different modes of transport, also highlighting the points that still need to be addressed. improvement, to guarantee the full functioning of the Corridor.


The Conseiller Regional, President of the Commission Mobilités et Infrastructures de la Région Occitanie, gave a presentation on the progress of ongoing projects in the Occitanie Region. José Antonio Sebastián Ruiz (Spanish Commissioner for the Atlantic Corridor) gave a speech on the importance of the Atlantic Corridor for Spanish transport, as well as the ongoing actions and investments made in the Atlantic Corridor. Subsequently, each Member State Representative (Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal (IMT)) provided specific updates on developments in their countries that may impact the Corridor.



Subsequently, the Atlantic Rail Freight Corridor (ATL RFC) team, presented the main updates to the corridor, providing an overview of the activities and meetings held throughout the RFC, with particular focus on coordination activities between Portugal/IP and Spain/ADIF.


Finally, Elena Jenaro (HADEA B.1) gave a presentation on the CEF Digital program for the development of 5G Corridors and its synergies with the TEN-T policy.


After the presentations, the Coordinator of the Atlantic TEN-T Corridor, Professor Secchi, thanked all participants for their presence, reminding members of the Corridor Forum that the next meeting of the Atlantic Corridor will take place within the scope of Connecting Europe Days 2024, emblematic mobility event in Europe, from April 2nd to 5th, in Brussels.