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RFC Atlantic News / “Assistify”

Software tool for improved operational communications

RFC Atlantic News / “Assistify”

In order to improve communication between DB Netz and SNCF Réseau in international rail transport, a pilot project with the IT tool "Assistify" will be carried out.

Assistify is a software tool that improves human communication by means of an integrated text analysis and implied search algorithm. Assistify understands conversation and helps participants answer questions more quickly, for example in customer support, expert teams or project teams. Furthermore Assistify is able to translates all messages in different languages. This allows the respective user to read and write all messages in its national language (amongst others German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or English).  Hence, it allows railway experts from neighboring countries to collaborate more efficiently.


The implementation of Assistify simplifies communication in the event of train delays and special operating situations on cross border routes. The information exchanged via Assistify has an informal character. Only non-safety-relevant communication takes place between the participants. Communication with safety-relevant reference takes place according to the corresponding regulations of the infrastructure manger in their cross-border agreements.   


In Assistify separate communication channel are used to facilitate communication for the cross-border processes of train disposition (DB Netz Betriebszentrale <-> SNCF Réseau COGC) and exceptional transport handling (DB Netz Fahrplanbüro Spezialverkehr <-> SNCF Réseau COGC).


The costs of Assistify are covered during the pilot phase by the RFC Atlantic (Co-financed by the European Union) . If the pilot shows positive results, Assistify can be implemented by the IM continuously. The pilot is planned to take 6 to 12 months and will start at the End of November 2019.  

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